SiP(System in Package) LSI of;
Single-Chip Digital Servo Processor incorporating CD Head Amplifier/Compression
AudioDecoder and 16Mbit DRAM for ESP(Electrical Shock Proof) function.

The TC94A93MFG is a single chip processor which incorporates the following functions: CD Head amplifier, EFM synchronous signal separation protection
and interpolation, EFM demodulation, error correction, microcontroller interface, servo-use digital equalizer and servo control circuit, multi bit DA converter and Compression audio decoder firmware such as for MP3, WMA , MPEG4-AAC and 16Mbit
DRAM for ESP. The TC94A93MFG makes it possible to configure a CD-MP3 player with ESP quite easily with an adjustment-free basis.


Common to all sections
Operation Supply Voltage : CD, I/O, DAC:3.0 – 3.6V,
DSP Logic, 1MbitSRAM:1.4-1.6V
Stand-By function:Hold the data stores in 1MbitSRAM supplying the Voltage only to 1MbitSRAM
Operation Temperature : - 40 ~ ?85 °C
Package, LQFP-80, Pin pitch 0.5 mm
Micro controller interface: 4bit parallel interface( 6 lines),/Serial interface(4 lines)/I2C
CMOS silicon Monolithic LSI

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