The T5CJ3 is a USB host controller. The T5CJ3 complies with the Univaesal Serial Bus Specification Revision2.0 and Open Host Controller Inteerface Specification.It can access with USB Mass-Strage-Class.

2.1 System Configuration
The Black Pepper is a USB controller with digital music data streaming capability
2.2 Operating voltage
Vcc = 3.0 V to 3.6 V
Internal Vcc = 1.4 V to 1.6 V
2.3 USB Host Controller
Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev2.0
OHCI for USB Release 1.0a
12Mbps – Full speed support.
Support class : Mass-Storage-Class(Interface:SCSI)
※ Not support to MTP device and iPod
2.4 Max file number support
Max support File 999 files
Max support Dir 999 dir
2.5 Folder name, File name
The max number of byte is 30 / 30
2.6 ID3 title / artist / album
The max number of byte is 30 / 30 / 30
2.7 Package
100-pin QFP:P-LQFP100-1414-0.50C
2.8 Command set
Get number of disk
Get number of folders
Get number of music files (i.e. MP3, WMA)
Get MP3 tag(V1/V2)
*Pause/skip/Fast Forward /Fast Rewind is realizable by control by HOST MCU.
2.9 Burst size
Burst size :( 32 + 1 ) × 6


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